Vegetarian Spots in LA

Flying to any US location is extremely easy nowadays, and the booking process is entirely less stressful with the advent of the internet and online retailers. Flights to Los Angeles are available from many major cities across the globe, and as such getting to the City of Angels can be done in a heartbeat. Los Angeles is of course the destination for many holiday makers in Europe, as it offers a number of places which are not only glamorous but provide tourists with an overall interesting holiday.

Dining and wining is a central part of many holidays, and not everybody likes eating meat of course. Vegetarians will find Los Angeles has great options for people who don’t eat meat. These spots are suited to those who want to stay off the meat just during this particular visit, perhaps as a health choice or just due to a strict diet regime.

Skip the deserts in LA.

I’m not sure that anyone actually eats desert in LA. Anytime I’ve had cupcakes or cakes I’ve been disappointed, even from “famous” vegan places. They’re usually loaded up with some much frosting it’s unbelievable that anyone would actually eat them.

Try a vegan pizza.

You can get vegan pizza made with Daiya cheese at lots of place in LA, including by the slice from Wholefoods. Tip: Order wholewheat and get it while it’s fresh.

Vegan brunch and lunch.

LA might suck for deserts, but it has great places to get vegan and vegetarian brunch and lunch type meals. Flore vegan in Silver Lake has tons of nice options, from tofu scramble to burritos, to a vegan BLT. They have separate lunch and brunch menus. It’s a tiny place and seating is very limited so it pays to go weekdays and outside of normal lunch rush hours.

Mc Cafe which has several locations is also nice for a place that lots of Vegan options. I feel like it’s a bit overhyped but it’s still good. Mostly I’ve been to the Beverly Hills location. The clientele are very “cool” LA types of it’s definitely an LA experience.

Vegan Thai Food.

LA also has lots of places to get vegan Thai food. It’s great not to have to worry about there potentially being fish sauce in dishes. My favorite is Vegan Glory in Beverly Hills, near the Grove shopping centre, should you be inclined to go try spot some celebrities.

My No.1 “go to” Vegan/Vegetarian eat in or take out restaurant chain.

Vege Grill wins every time and has many locations throughout the city.

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