How to spend a week in Hong Kong


Many visitors to Hong Kong depart after a stay of just a couple of days, rushing around the most famous sights but perhaps missing out on some of the territory’s more unusual attractions. With a full week to spend, you can travel at a more leisurely pace and enjoy aspects of Hong Kong that many tourists never experience.

Here are a few of the best:

Take a cycle tour

The popular image of Hong Kong tends to be one that’s all skyscrapers and concrete, but it’s certainly not all like that: go to the New Territories and you can discover an entirely different aspect to the place. It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to arrange private cycling tours, lasting around half a day, which will cover about 15 miles and let you see the rural Hong Kong that few tourists reach. The Hong Kong Wetland Park is home to a fabulous array of birds, while fishing villages like Lau Fau Shan are the ideal places to pick up some mouthwatering seafood snacks at traditional markets.

Experience A Symphony of Lights

If you get down to Victoria Harbour at eight o’clock one evening, you’ll be treated to the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. (It has the certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records to prove it!) A good vantage point is the Avenue of Stars, and you can expect to be dazzled by a truly extraordinary multimedia spectacular. It’s completely free of charge, too. There are lasers, there’s music, there are searchlights – and sometimes there are even fireworks. Unless you speak Chinese, you’ll probably want to attend on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, when there’s a very informative English commentary.

Go Island Hopping

Hong Kong contains more than 200 outlying islands, some of which are large enough to boast permanent populations. Ferries run regularly from the Central Ferry Pier, making spending several days travelling between these islands an intriguing option, especially in midweek when it’s likely to be somewhat quieter. Cheung Chau offers excellent hill walking and plenty of excellent restaurants in the centre, while Lantau is famous for its massive Buddha statue and a cable car line which must be among the most scenic in Asia. Make sure your holiday insurance is valid for these areas before you set off, though!

Visit Ocean Park

There’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong, but one Disneyland is pretty similar to another. A more interesting alternative is Ocean Park, which lies in the Southern District and offers a distinctively Chinese take on the theme park idea. It’s particularly strong on wildlife, with the inevitable giant panda enclosure as well as an aquarium dome that’s claimed to be the largest in the world. Ocean Park makes a particularly good destination for families, as there’s also a selection of rides to enjoy. Don’t miss the views from the Headland hill, reachable by funicular railway, cable car or even outdoor escalator.

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