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I had a one day stopover in San Francisco. I was jet lagged having just gotten off a flight from New Zealand and didn’t feel like dealing with a restaurant. So, I made a beeline down to the Wholefoods supermarket in central San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood in search of their vegan cupcakes.

SOMA stands for South of Market, so I’m talking just around 15 min walk from the Mariott where I was staying.

One the way there, I passed FreshRoll. I am a massive fan of Spring Rolls and this was just what I felt like after the long flight. I was starving and thought I would want some extra food, not just spring rolls. From the salad bar at Wholefoods, I grabbed a big self-service container of grilled tofu, sliced red capsicum, spring onions, and piles of cilantro.


Ok, ok get to the point….. the review of FreshRoll

I got 3 giant vegan spring rolls, and two serves of their peanut sauce which they were happy to give me. The peanut sauce is vegan. I checked. They also don’t fry the tofu in oil that is used for non-vegetarian things, so that is all good too. I needed to ask them to use new gloves for my food, otherwise the same gloves would’ve been used for the vegan rolls as used for handling the meaty options.

The dinner was perfect. The extra salad and tofu made it a bit more substantial and I yummed up all the delicious peanut sauce. I will be making a beeline back their next time I’m in SF!

You get a choice of fillings for your rolls. I think it’s 3 fillings and I remember thinking I wanted to pick one more.

Next time you’re traveling alone and hanging out in a hotel in central SF, I highly recommend taking the 15 minute ish walk to get yourself some chocolate cupcakes and some spring rolls at FreshRoll!


Wholefoods San Francisco Vegan Cupcakes

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