The Best Veggie Burger Ever – Vegan Glory – Los Angeles

vegan glory burger
vegan glory burger and fries

Vegan Glory is a Thai restaurant but I am so in love with their veggie burger I always order it. I usually make a beeline there from the airport as soon as I arrive in Los Angeles (the staff have asked me if I’m a flight attendant previously!).

My standard order
- Veggie burger (made from lentils, brown rice, veggies & spices)
- Extra vegenaise (outstanding vegan mayo that you can’t buy where I live)
- Soy cheese (doesn’t come as standard).

Either I order 2 veggie burgers or 1 veggie burger plus fries. The fries are delicious and it’s so nice to have hot fries and know they the oil hasn’t been used to cook any animal products.

The restaurant is a really relaxing place to eat. Unlike cheap NYC restaurants there is a bathroom! The service is good without being intrusive. The restaurant seems super clean and isn’t noisy. I’m often there outside of normal meal times

The prices are very reasonable. I think the burger is around $5.95 + tax. Fries are $2. It’s an extra $1 for a slice of soy cheese which is the only think that is steep.

There are quite a few different burgers on the menu and other non-Thai food items, making this a great choice if some of your party aren’t big fans of Thai or aren’t in the mood for Thai. Staff all appear to actually be Thai, including shift management.

During the day you can park in the surrounding side streets for free (you might need to drive around to find a spot and walk a bit). After 6pm the side streets become residents parking only but at night you can park along Beverly Blvd for free (metered during the day).

The Beverly Center mall is only a few hundred meters but the road from Vegan Glory and the Beverly Hills branch of Real Food Daily is also close by if want to get some takeout dishes from both places or head over to Real Food Daily for dessert. If you’ve never experienced US discount store shopping, their is a Loehmann’s right next to the Beverly Center.

No msg is used at this restaurant. My only complaint is that mango sticky rice is on the menu and listed as seasonal but I’m typically there in summer when mexican mangoes are abundant in LA and it’s never been available when I’m there.

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