Melbourne Hare Krishna Vegetarian CBD – Great budget option for vegetarian backpackers.

Yarra River, Melbourne
Yarra River, Melbourne

The official name of this restaurant is “Crossways Food for Life” but I always think of it has just “the Melbourne Govindas.”

It’s like any typical Govindas anywhere in the world in that it has a cafeteria style atmosphere, and is predominantly lacto-vegetarian (milk products, no eggs) with some vegan friendly options.

The main thing to say about this place is the food is delicious. The food is both nicer and cheaper than the Govindas in the Brisbane CBD. The desserts at Crossways are particularly delish. For example, egg-free trifle (an Aussie favorite!).

Eating at restaurants in Australia and New Zealand is considerably more expensive than in the US. However, this is a great place to fill your belly, especially if you’re staying at a nearby backpackers or need a pick me up after enduring the Melbourne weather.

There is a set meal option as is typical of Hare Krishna run restaurants.

The vegetarian lasagna is super good and has a rich, thick, flavorful homemade tomato sauce.

I usually make several stops here during any visit to Melbourne and have been known to get food from here as takeout (or “takeaways” as they say in Oz) to take to the airport for the flight home.

Gets busy at lunch times and is cash only.

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2 thoughts on “Melbourne Hare Krishna Vegetarian CBD – Great budget option for vegetarian backpackers.

  1. Hey,
    Great review, however I think you may have gotten Crossways and Gopals mixed up! They are both run by the same people but Crossways is half a block away from Gopals and only serves one curry and one flavour of halava each day. Gopals on the other hand has a few choices such as veggie lasagna.

    They are both great, though Crossways is cheaper!

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