Europe for Vegetarians

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The Spanish are known for their fish-filled paellas, the French for their rich duck confit and the Italians for their meaty lasagnes. Travelling as a vegetarian can sometimes have its difficulties, especially if you are a bit of a foodie who loves to try the local delicacies, which can be a great way to understand the local culture.

Glasgow has been named the best city in the UK for vegetarians and vegans; however Europe still has plenty to offer, with many destinations being just a short flight away. More restaurants across Europe are catering for vegetarians, and with a bit of know-how, you can still explore new countries whilst sampling some of the delicious local cuisine.


The German capital is known for its diversity, and this is true when it comes to food as well. Dishing up a range of international cuisines, Berlin offers a fantastic selection of veggie options from tofu burgers in burger shacks to vegan currywursts in food stalls. You can find restaurants scattered around that are dedicated to vegetarians and vegans, and with English being a common language within the city, you will never be lost in translation when you ask any dietary related questions.


Italy may be known for its traditional meaty dishes from Bolognese to pepperoni pizza, but there is an abundance of other local cuisines waiting to be sampled that don’t include meat or fish. Florence offers plenns and pizzas (although expect these to use cheese containing animal rennet), whilst vegan ice creams are becoming popular within the city too. Vegetarian restaurants are available; however dishes can easily be adapted within other eateries to suit your needs.


Hermans is a renowned vegetarian restaurant within Stockholm that pins the Swedish capital onto the list of vegetarian favourites. Serving up a lunch and dinner buffet, the restaurant has become very famous, with its success paving the way for others to follow in its footsteps. The theme of the buffet changes daily, however you can also pop in for a small snack or sweet treat if you’re not looking for a big meal.


You may not expect the capital of Czech Republic to be veggie-friendly, with its hearty traditional cuisine, but if you look in the right places you can find vegetarian and vegan food that sticks to Prague’s low price tag whilst not compromising on the taste. Restaurants can be found in abundance throughout the capital, from high-end eateries to buffets and those where you can pay by weight.

UK – Pretty much everywhere is good for vegetarians and vegans.

Here’s the Peta article about Glasgow being the best vegan friendly city in the UK. We also love Brighton and London!

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