Best Cities in the World for Vegetarians

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While not every menu accommodates vegetarian and vegan food preferences, there are specific cities all over the world aspiring to be a safe haven for vegans and vegetarians alike. These cities work hard to keep their menus clean of any food that any animal had any process in making, as well as selling any product that involved animals or the testing of animals. Travel in these cities without the fear of hearing your stomach growl throughout the day.

  • London —

    London was once considered the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world, as voted on by PETA. This city has even kicked their vegetarian dining options up a notch, adding numerous new restaurants, altering menus, and opening boutique produce stores.

  • Portland, Oregon —

    This US city is prominently known for its citizens and their healthy living habits, specifically their vegan-friendly atmosphere throughout the city. Portland has a plethora of vegetarian, vegan, and trade-fair type restaurants, all of which are catered specifically to the needs of vegetarians and vegans alike.

  • Melbourne, Australia —

    Melbourne makes healthy living a priority and ensures healthy lifestyles with the menus their restaurants offer. This city is very vegan friendly, as well as known for its efforts to accommodate those who need gluten-free options as well. The central market in this city is an awesome place to purchase fresh produce.

  • New York City, New York —

    In the hustle and bustle of this city, you are in a whirlwind of food options, however, the vegan and vegetarian options are ever-present in the Big Apple. A vegan restaurant database,, lists the number of vegan restaurants in different locations around the world. There are over 100 in NYC!

  • Los Angeles, California —

    Located on the west coast of the US, this truly is the “City of Angels” for vegans worldwide. The entire state of California is known to be extremely vegan friendly, and with such a high population of vegans and a large swarm of tourists on a regular basis, LA manages to accommodate numerous options for the vegan family.

  • Berlin, Germany —

    Berlin has worked extremely hard in the past couple of years in the development of a more vegan-friendly community. They have created many more vegan-centered restaurants, as well as even clothing stores that are vegan-friendly, and local, fresh produce available at all times. It is home to the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain, and features an entire street dedicated to all things vegan.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia—Vancouver has also recently made alterations to their food scene. In this providence of Canada in North America, it is now home to a large number of vegans. Nearly one in every 10 Canadian is a vegan for health, moral, or health-related reasons. This city is taking off at a rapid pace and making modifications to accommodate their high vegan population.
  • Mumbai, India —

    In a city with one of the highest vegetarian populations in the entire world, it is only natural that this city is extremely vegetarian-friendly. Since over half of the population is Hindu, they practice vegetarianism for spiritual and religious reasoning. With these stipulations, you are guaranteed to find vegetarian options at every restaurant, and some very locally grown, fresh produce as you need it.

By visiting vegetarian friendly cities you’ll no longer need pack bags full of vegan or vegetarian snacks that will fit into your diet in hopes that you will not go hungry while on vacation. More and more cities across the world are completely modifying their menus and developing ways to please vegans and vegetarians. Taking a visit to any of these cities above, and even hundreds more vegan-friendly cities, means that you are guaranteed to enjoy a vacation full of fine dining!

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