Ski Trips for Vegetarians – 5 Tips


If you’re inspired by the winter Olympics you might be thinking about a ski/snowboard trip right now. Going on a snowy trip as a vegetarian or vegan can involve a bit of extra planning. You may not have easy access to supermarkets that stock a wide range of vegetarian/vegan food at reasonable prices. Most snow destinations also don’t have a reputation as being vegetarian friendly.

Here are a range of tips to make sure you have the most delicious and affordable ski holiday possible!

1. Pack your own food.

To avoid paying high prices in resort areas, even non vegetarians may wish to bring some of their own food. Here are some items to consider.

- Vegan marshmallows and hot chocolate making ingredients – what could be more appropriate for a skiing holiday than hot chocolate with marshmallows! Also, bring biscuits and non-dairy chocolate for making s’mores with your vegan marshmallows. Sweet and Sara brand marshmallows are recommended and can me bought online in the UK.

- Breakfast making ingredients. If you’re skiing, you’ll likely want to eat a hot breakfast, even if you’re not a breakfast person at home. You might want to take some of your favorite non-dairy milk (you can take a tetrapak) for oatmeal, a few tins of beans, some vegan cheese, and maybe even ingredients for tofu scramble. Any foods or ingredients you bring from “breakfast” can also be eaten for supper. You could also make up a jar of panckae mix and mix it with that non-dairy milk you bought. Bring a bottle of maple syrup!

- Indian boil in a bag meals. Indian boil in a bag meals are great for a snack or light meal when you don’t want to have to deal with any clean up. Just boil a pot of water, insert the foil bag (without opening it), heat for a few minutes, and you’re done! It’s also an easy thing to ask someone to heat for you.

- Locally, you can probably count on being able to buy some nice bread and basic vegetables (eg potatoes for frying).

2. Protein should be your highest priority.

When you’re going on an active holiday, you should make sure you’re going to be getting enough protein as your highest priority. It really stinks to be struggling for energy while doing outdoor activities, not because you haven’t had enough calories but because you haven’t had enough protein. I get cranky and low energy if I don’t have enough protein 2 days in a row. It’s amazing how quickly it can hit me.

3. Self catering in the mountains.

Life is made much easier for vegetarians if you book self-catering accommodation. However, sometimes the rest of your traveling companions might insist on an all-inclusive.

You can also google around to look for family ski chalets for your particular destination, budget, and must-have amenities (e.g., well heated swimming pool, hot tub, and wifi would be my list). Places geared to families will typically have access to a microwave (for people to heat bottles for babies). Check to make sure you will have access to a microwave and fridge at minimum. You’ll usually be able to make do with a fridge and microwave just fine!

3. Alcohol for vegetarians.

If you drink alcohol you might want to check which of the local beers and wines in the region you’re visiting are suitable for vegetarians. Many alcoholic beverages are processed with non-vegetarian friendly ingredients (think fish bits). Doing some advance research will allow you to support local companies who don’t use those practices.

This website has some good info on vegan beers and wines.

5. Take snacks.

Even a few chocolates, dried apricots, or sachets of peanut butter (they’re good even without bread! You can get them at Waitrose) can be enough to allow you to stay out on the slopes for an extra hour or two.

photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin CC

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