Holiday Gift Guide for Vegans

1. A Vitamix Professional Quality Blender.

If you really love the vegan in your life (and have a chunk of spare cash), buy them a Vitamix.


They can use it for making vegan cheese (from Cashews) and cheese sauces (eg for Mac and Cheese) without needing to soak the nuts. They can also use it for making silky smooth, fresh non dairy milk at home (eg from Almonds).

2. Extracts.

These are a great and classy stocking stuffer for vegans or anyone who bakes.

When you bake without eggs or butter you can really taste the flavors. This is a huge plus of vegan baking. To maximize the benefits, use high quality extracts such as maple, chocolate and lemon.

3. Isa Does It.

Isa is the vegan queen. This book is currently sitting on my kitchen table.

4. A Cast Iron Skillet.

If your vegan doesn’t have one, you can buy them one. It will make their food cook more evenly. You can get these (same brand) at Target for roughly the same price as Amazon.

5. A Wholefoods Vegan Luxury Basket.

Vegan specific products can get expensive. If you’d like to make your vegan a gift basket, get your butt to Wholefoods and buy them a little selection. Since vegans tend to be eco conscious and therefore often eschew extra “stuff,” consumables in the form of food are a great gift. You could make a basket out of any combination of the following.

Does not need refrigeration.

- Extracts.
- High quality cocoa powder.
- Non dairy chocolate.
- Vegan Marshmallows but the versions that need refrigeration are better.
- Vegan cookies (for Christmas s’mores).
- Real maple syrup.

- Dr Bronners Peppermint Soap
- Any vegan bath products.

Needs refrigeration.

- Soyatoo Vegan Cream in a can.
- Daiya Cheese Shreds
- Vegan Marshmallows – Sweet and Sara, in the fridge with the cakes.
- Vegan egg nog.

Needs freezer.

- Vegan coconut milk based ice cream.

6. Gift cards.

If you’re feeling lazy, you could always just get them a gift certificate for Vegan Essentials, Pangea Vegan Store, or Wholefoods.

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