Healthy Hotel Room Wraps

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I’ve been eating badly lately. I’ve been craving salad, which I know means something has been wrong with what I’ve been eating. I solved that today but going and buying around $20 worth of ingredients for 4 days or so worth of wraps.

These are great for when you have a fridge but no other cooking facilities.

From Trader Joe’s.

- Baked savory tofu. This is ready to go. I just slice it. It’s precut to just the right amount. There are 2 servings in the pack, enough for 2 substantial wraps.

- Olive oil wholewheat wraps, labelled vegan. Bread often has animal derived additives so I was happy to find these.

- Basil.

- Bag of baby greens.

From the regular supermarket (a Vons)

- Vegenaise (vegan majo)

- Sprouts – a mix of alfalfa and clover

From Walmart (I could’ve got these from the other places but I was going to Walmart for something else)

- Tomatos

- Cilantro.


It sounds really strange to put basil and cilantro together but I had it at a restaurant wrap recently and it was really good. I essentially treat the basil as one of the salad greens, which is extravagant but ok since I’m only feeding myself and Trader Joes had a big container of basil for a good price.

Don’t skip the sprouts because they really make it tasty.

The wraps are huge so I usually only use a half.

The salad is prewashed so that means I only need to wash the basil and cilantro.

The tomato just needs washing and slicing.

I make this with a plastic knife, fork and spoon with no issues.


- Sub hummus or avocado for the mayo.

- Add sliced red pepper.

A few principles for making food in hotel rooms.

- Don’t put your greens too close to the freezer panel or they’re freeze and turn gross.

- Pre washed salad is your friend!

- Buy fewer ingredients. At home you might make wraps with lots of ingredients but on the road you need to simplify your recipes as much as possible without sacrificing flavor.

- Grab those little salt and pepper sachets.

- Keep a extra set of plastic cutlery on hand. I often drop or lose my cutlery.

- Have two plates. It makes assembly easier.

- Bring bulldog clips for clipping bags shut.

- The plastic bags you buy fruit and veggies in at the supermarket come in very hand. Have a few on hand for storing half eaten food.

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