Brighton Veg Fest- Tips for Attending

veg fest

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, then the Brighton Veg Fest could be the perfect day out for you. It’s held in late March each year.


A true celebration of all things vegan, centrally placed in bright and vibrant Brighton, the Veg Fest is an outing packs with tastes, treats, and best of all freebies! Another perk is that it’s extremely cheap, at just £2 for adults, and free for under 16s. Getting to the venue is also easy, as it’s central, on the bus and train routes, and also easy enough to reach on foot.


Am I selling it to you yet?


It’s not just food either, it’s home-ware, body care and other miscellaneous, natural and animal-cruelty-free goods on offer to try out, with the sole aim to try and change your purchasing habits.


Here’s how to get the best out of your Veg Fest day out.


Two days or one

The event runs over two days, but it can easily be done in one day.


Think comfort

When you’re on your feet all day, walking around a large auditorium, over three floors, you’re going to be crying with foot ache at some point during the day. Because of this, don’t ever try and be clever in heels, or those shoes that pinch and cause blisters – you need comfortable, and you need them to last you for the duration of the day without limping. Remember your plasters if need be!


Travel light

You don’t want to be carrying a huge coat around with you for the day, so think about what you wear, so as not to have to cradle it in your arms for hours on end.


Look at the programme ahead of time

There are some talks and shows on offer, and there are also celebrities from time to time, so check out the programme online before you attend, in fact before you decide which day you’re going to go on, so you can time your visit to match your interests. There are also comedy shows, cookery classes, activities for the kids, and regular presentations.


Take a bag

There are countless stalls during the show, and most of them will have freebies for you to taste, and some to take away. Take a bag with you so you can store your freebies, keeping them safe to take home!


Busy, busy, busy!

There are an expected 7000 visitors over the space of the show’s weekend, so bearing that in mind, keep your valuables to a minimum and stay calm in crowds! It’s easy to get stressed out when you’re trying to walk and can’t move for people, but just follow the flow of traffic, so to speak.


Purchase wisely

Big named brands have stalls, and they’ll be offering big discounts, so if you’re after a particular item, wait until you go and save money by purchasing it there. Having said that, it’s easy to splurge when you’re excited about what you’re seeing, and little adds up to a lot. If you’re not wanting to buy anything specific, I’d suggest just giving yourself a certain amount and not taking more than that. No worries of overspending that way!


Pacing yourself, sticking with comfortable shoes, and trying not to bankrupt yourself, will all add up to a fun and interesting outing!

Getting There

Brighton is my favorite destination in the UK and is well worth a trip, either on the train from London in less than an hour or from further afield. Getting there is extremely easy because London Gatwick airport is half away between Brighton and London, with cheap, frequent train service. It’s very easy. Gatwick is usually well served by budget airline flights.


Local vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Check out Jojo’s excellent Vegan in Brighton blog for restaurant suggestions and reviews for any trip to Brighton.

photo credit: Sweet On Veg cc

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