A Vegetarian Couples Guide to NYC


New York has a lot to offer in the romance department.

- You can get great gourmet vegan versions of everything from Sushi to donuts in NYC. Check out Beyond Sushi, and my favourite vegan cakes at Life Thyme Natural Market (Manhattan, 6th Ave between 8th and 9th Streets).

- In the winter ice skating is very romantic and Bryant park is open for ice skating until very late (around 1am). In summer, anything related to central park is super romantic, so much so you’re very likely to see TV shows or movies filming in Central Park if you hang out there enough. You can pack a vegan picnic for dining in the park by picking up supplies at Wholefoods in the Time Warner center at the base of the park on 59th st.

- Get aerial. Skip the Empire State Building which is way more claustrophobic than romantic. Consider an helicopter tour for a much better and intimate aerial view of the city. Top of the Rock at Rockefeller center is ok but still a bit of a cattle call. Better is a hotel bar with a central park view, which you’ll find around Columbus Circle.

- If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll also want to skip the meat and fish focussed fine dining restaurants.

Luckily New York has vegan versions of fine dining like Pure Food and Wine and Candle 79.

- Movie locations. Visiting locations from your favorite TV shows and movies can be very romantic if you share the same tastes. You might not want to drag your guy around Sex and the City or Gossip Girl locations. Still these locations are usually chosen for their atmosphere.

- Cuddle up at a Broadway show. There are plenty of Broadway shows that even people who aren’t generally into musicals will like. The great thing? You don’t even have to dress up. I’ve gone to Broadway shows in shorts, and I’m never the only one doing so on a very hot summers day.

- Stroll. New York is my favorite city in the world for strolling. No matter what the time of day, most of Manhattan still feels safe. If it’s too hot or too cold you can easily stuck into buildings to warm up or cool down. And, you’re never far from a subway stop so you can easily hop on the subway whenever you run out of steam.

- Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. This also lives up in terms of the romance factor. Subway over to the Brooklyn side of the bridge and then walk back so you have the view of Manhattan. Gorgeous! Do it in the day, or ideally at night. Brooklyn bridge park on the Brooklyn side is a great place for a stroll, cuddle, and even a proposal!

- If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll probably want to skip the horse drawn carriage rides in Central Park, which aren’t the best in terms of animal treatment. Take a pedicab instead :-)

photo credit: kennymatic via photopin cc

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