Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for Vegetarians


Mexican food is probably my all time favorite cuisine. There is no better place to experience it than Mexico itself.

The highlights of a vegetarian trip to Mexico are the ripe avocados, warm tortillas, fresh cilantro, and delicious spicy salsas. Unlike Thailand, Mexican food is not generally excessively spicy.

Don’t miss – Mole.

Don’t miss trying authentic vegetarian mole. Mole is a sauce made with chili, chocolate, and a very high number of other ingredients. Because it contains so many perfectly balanced ingredients it’s a challenge to make it. Some of the ingredients are a little weird e.g., the stone from an avocado is often used. Even though the stone has a bitter flavor, the end result is not bitter. Mole is a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy, and delicious! It will leave you craving more for days.

It may be hard to find vegetarian mole as traditional mole often contains chicken stock. However if you do manage to track down vegan mole, make sure you order it.

Playa Del Carmen has two vegetarian cafes that have mole. Tulum has a pricey restaurant that has it.

What if I get sick of Mexican food?

My traveling companion got a bit sick of having Mexican food for lunch and dinner everyday. If you’re staying at a resort or in a tourist location, you’ll likely have a variety of options rather than just Mexican food. You can even find French styles pastries in some locations, such as Playa Del Carmen. It’s always a good idea to bring along some cereal and other snacks, especially If you’re staying in an area without easy access to supermarkets, such as at a resort.

Playa Del Carmen has a great vegetarian place that does falafel and fries. Since it’s all vegetarian, you can guarantee they won’t be cooked in the same oil as animal products.

Where to stay.

Self catering is definitely an option for Mexico as you can rent a holiday let/vacation apartment. If you’re staying at a resort, you’ll likely be fine too in terms of your food options. Just make sure you check if beans, rice, and tortillas are made with lard or any other hidden animal products. Mexican people are generally very eager to please and will no doubt try to accommodate you if you can explain your needs clearly.

How to get there.

If you’re keen on the Caribbean Coast, then you’ll most likely fly into Cancun. However, skip Cancun and head someone like Playa Del Carmen, Akumal, or Tulum. The water in Mexico can be a choppy during UK/US winter. I especially found this in Tulum so I wouldn’t particularly recommend Tulum for swimming but the archeological site overlooking the sea is amazing.

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